This is a space to share thoughts on various topics, to inspire research, to probe deeper thought, and expand overall knowledge about the world around us.

The writer of this blog is me, Andrew, a lifelong learner and someone who is equally inspired by a really good algorithm and a really good paint stroke on a canvas.

Each week, there will be something new posted, focusing on something new that strikes my eye and tickles my brain. Hopefully what I write and share will spark your own interest in a topic or bring some new piece of knowledge into your life.

Topics you can expect to see on here will range pretty wildly from week to week. Expect to see the inspiration for the topic, some of the cool sources I found to help inform myself, and a fun little snippet of what I’m working on creatively and professionally at the time. This is, after all, a blog. What kind of blog would it be if I didn’t include a bit of fun stuff along the way?