Let’s De-Stress This Mess OR Amateur Photography Hour

Do you ever have one of those meetings? Like, the kind where you are legitimately angry that you wasted precious moments of your life on so much drivel? After it’s over you tab through the open windows on your desktop, unable to focus on anything. The righteous indignation over someone stealing a segment of your time on this earth to accomplish literally preventing your productivity from taking root.

Yeah, those kinds of meetings happen a lot these days. I feel like the relationship between hours spent on Zoom and amount accomplished per meeting are negatively correlated. Who knows if it’s because we’re all suffering from late-stage Zoom fatigue, languishing as the New York Times article suggested, or if Parkinson’s law is really making itself known. Whatever the cause, meetings have just really been sucking the soul out of me, through my eyeballs and my ear holes. I can’t imagine I’m the only one who’s feeling this way, 13 months into full-time working from home.

Staring out of the window into the sunny day has been a restorative mental break.


However, the other day I had a short break between meetings and decided to seize the day and go for a quick walk in the sunlight. Spring in Indiana is a mixed bag for someone with allergies, but you can’t deny the flowers blooming and trees bursting into green is splendid. I took a moment to capture a few photos of the greenery on my constitutional. Some of the good ones are right below here. #NoFilter, as it were.

It’s not quite as nice as actually going for a walk, but hopefully the photos helped recharge you a bit as well, dear reader. Take the time to stop and smell the roses today.

One thought on “Let’s De-Stress This Mess OR Amateur Photography Hour

  1. I had never heard of Parkinson’s law, but now I need some kind of cheeky poster about it for my office wall.

    Lovely photos! Get outside if/when you can, as much as you can. I have a balcony and I don’t know why I don’t use it more during work. I went out with my daughter today for a few minutes while I had some breathing room and we blew some bubbles. It was lovely.

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